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Dennis McCarthy
Rich Rodriguez


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Here's Dennis McCarthy
Then And Now


I.S. 180 Days


Weighing In For A Boxing Match?


One Of Port Orchard's Finest
Performs A Solemn Duty



And These Pics Are From
Rich Rodriguez, 
A Section 5 Legend


Co-op City Times 12.03.83 My first band Horizon won Talent show to perform at Co-op city 
15th anniversary show. from left to right: Myself(Richard Rodriguez), Diana (Henderson?), 
Lou Correa, Dwight Peterson, Rich Correa, and Erik Russell

Co-op City Times 12.17.83 Dwight  being interviewed after our performance by local reporter. 
Hopefully whatever was filmed of us has been destroyed and will not haunt us. :)

Section 5 fair 8.83 Horizon w/Dwight and Erik

Myself and Shari (Frankel?) On bike path by paddleball courts

Myself, Rene Farley(future brother in law), Mano Kashef, and Jose Garcia. 
The bldg # also escapes me, but it is the one across the street from Co-op supermarket

First drum kit X-mas 1980

First day Scanlan HS...1980 My Sect 5 apt. 
Had enough of that and transferred to Truman a year later...



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These are some notable keywords for Co-op City, Bronx, New York 10475. I zip code in its own right. Riverbay Corp, Riverbay Corporation. There are 8 garages: Garage 1, Garage 2, Garage 3, Garage 4, Garage 5, Garage 6, Garage 7, Garage 8.There are 3 shopping centers: Shopping Center 1, Shopping Center 2, Shopping Center 3. These are the types of buildings:Hi-rise buildings, High Rise Buildings, townhouses, town homes, townhouses, townhomes, triple core buildings, tower buildings, chevron buildings.  Facilities in Co-op City: Paddleball and handball courts, the greenway, Co-op City Library; St. Michaels Church, Young Israel. Some of the streets inside Co-op Cit: Asch Loop, Aldrich Pl, Alcott Pl, Bellamy Loop, Benchley Pl, Casals Pl, Debs Pl, DeKruif Pl, Dreiser Loop, Erdman, Erskine, Einstein Loop. Some of the businessess past and present in and around Co-op City: Cappy's, Seven Seas Restaurant, The Presidential Restaurant, Einstein Deli, Garden Bake Shop, Zaros Bakery, Dragon's Gate Restaurant, Co-op Supermarket, Bay Plaza, KMart, Red Lobster, JC Penney's, The Wiz.